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Hotel employees receive training to spot human trafficking

Connecticut became the first state to require the training when the law was passed last year. All employees at the more than 500 hotels, motels and lodges in the state must receive anti-trafficking training by Oct. 1.

The training is free. The curriculum was developed by groups that include Marriott International (via Skift Magazine).

MPI Released Gun Laws & Event Venues Interactive Map

The Gun Laws & Event Venus map was created as a simple starting point for planners looking into the matter of firearms possession at their meetings and events—a follow-up to a series of gun-related articles released over the past six months, which was designed to educate meeting and event practitioners on myriad factors associated with firearms, such as safety, security and the attendee experience (via Meeting Planners International)

Effective Room Block Negotiations - 101

Curious how to plan for a program's room block needs accurately and stay on budget? Read my article recently published in KSAE to get the "insider information" on questions to ask, red flags to notice and other useful items.