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About Us...

Col·lec·tive (kəˈlektiv) – adj. belonging or relating to all the members of a group.

At Meeting Planner’s Collective our business is our clients’ needs. We educate our team to become relevant in the industries they represent on behalf of the respective boards of directors and/or committees. Our team works closely to ensure we are a resource to help our volunteers achieve their organization’s responsibilities.

Meeting Planner’s Collective was founded in 2017 as the production company for the Aviation Law and Insurance Symposium, a collective gathering of aviation attorneys and insurance professionals to discuss relevant and timely industry issues.

I have had the honor of witnessing Ms. Carr’s professionalism and growth over the years. Meredith has been the Producer of the (ALIS) for the past several years with great success and has helped the ALIS to become one of the premier annual aviation symposiums held around the world. In addition, Meredith is always ready to help in any way she can with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. It has truly been a pleasure to have Ms. Carr on our team for the past several years and making the ALIS a huge success.
— Cecile S. Hatfield, Esq.